Lucie Makovcová

Senior Accountant

Lucie Makovcová, Senior Accountant, Team Leader

Lucie graduated from the School of Economics in Prague in 1991, and she then graduated from the National Education Institute as a specialist in business and management.


During her professional life, Lucie worked in the field of health care, where she was in charge of establishing and putting into operation a specialized medical clinic and also worked for an international company engaged in the import of sporting goods. For more than fifteen years she took part in the management of a company operating a network of retail outlets with sports equipment, sportswear production and wholesale activities, where Lucie was responsible for the economic and financial department, including the personnel agenda.


She has been with FACTA since 2013. First she worked as an accountant and then began to specialize in personnel and payroll issues. She is currently in charge of the payroll department at FACTA.


Lucie devotes her free time to her family and cares for a small pack of dogs.

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